Port deck:

  • Roadshower 18 litres. 1x
  • USB /12 V connection (under the bench) 1x
  • Spud pole (under the bench) 1x
  • Flagpole (which is also used for anchor light/day mark) 1x


Storage space Port side:

  • Starter battery 1x
  • Anchor 1x
  • Anchor ball (day mark) 1x
  • Anchor light 1x
  • Rechargeable tent lantern 2x
  • Foam extinguisher 1x
  • Fire blanket 1x
  • First aid box 1x
  • Insulation blankets 2x


Storage space in the middle at the back

  • Cooking box with contents (cutlery,plates,cups,pans) 1x
  • Propane 2.5 kg including key for the reducer 1x
  • Petrol tanks, 2 x12 litres E5 petrol.
  • Dishwashing box and accessories 1x




Starboard deck:

  • Spud pole (under the bench) 1x
  • Toilet box


Storage space starboard aft:

  • Darkness of the Wadden box (incl. stargazers) 1x
  • Coffee box with Bialetti Espresso maker. (incl. coffee and tea) 1x
  • Table top 1x
  • Red bag with maps, routes and information. 1x



  • 4-season tent incl. air mattress (132×200 cm) 1x


Storage space in front of ship:

  • Tent leg 1x
  • Table leg 1x
  • Elastics for extra tent sturdiness 2x
  • Life jackets 2x
  • Toilet paper 1x
  • Rain tent 1x
  • Wooden poles with canvas straps for the rain tent 4x
  • Shopping trolley 1x
  • Comfort seat 2x