Tips on the water:

  • It’s wise to take sunscreen with you. But please don’t use the sunscreen spray. After applying the sunscreen, use a towel to sit on. This because it is very hard to get the sunscreen spots out of the seat cushions.
  • If you visit the Lauwers lake. Be aware, of the mosquitoes, ticks and horseflies. Take some insect repellant with you. It can avoid a lot of itch.
  • Be aware, it’s always a few degrease colder when you are on the water. Specially on the Lauwers lake, where you are out of the wind shelter. Take a jacket or sweater with you. To end the trip nice and warm.
  • If you want to sail the ‘Kromme Raken’ route. Or, like to visit Visvliet or Winsum. It is advisable to book the whole day.  After all, you are sailing to relax. And not to get into a race.