General rental conditions for boat rental Zoutkamp

For the rental, we use the general terms and conditions for rental of pleasure craft, such as the Hiswa conditions and the additional provisions of Bootverhuur Zoutkamp.

Additional provisions of the rental and rental conditions of Boat Rental Zoutkamp located in Zoutkamp Chamber of Commerce number: 80884008.

  1. Booking

You can book through our site or by telephone via 0031 (0) 621588756.

You can sign this rental agreement when you pick up the reserved boat. A copy of your identification must be made.


  1. Rental periods

As discussed in advance with the landlord and booked.


  1. Payment terms camping boat:
  • The 7th day before the initial departure date, the rental fee and the deposit of €200 must be paid.
  • The deposit will be transferred back to your account within 24 hours of arrival. Provided the boat and all items on board are returned as handed in.


  1. Cancellation conditions camping boat:
  • If cancelled within 24 hours of booking, you are entitled to a full refund of the booking amount.
  • If cancelled up to the 14th day before arrival, the cancellation fee is 30% of the travel sum.
  • If cancelled from the 7th day before the start of your stay, the cancellation costs are 50% of the travel sum.
  • If cancelled 24 hours before or after the stay, the cancellation costs are 100% of the travel sum.
  • For cancellation conditions, the initial arrival date applies.


  1. Insurance, damage and deposit.

For the vessels, insurance has been taken out for damage to third parties. All this according to the general water policy conditions. Renter and crew sail at their own risk and at their deductible, the lessor is not liable for any personal injury. The deductible of the insurance is €250,- per event.


Any damage that has occurred during the rental period must be reported. The full repair costs must be reimbursed. In the event of loss of parts or accessories, the full replacement value must be reimbursed. In case of overturning through your own fault, salvage costs, towing costs and any other damage are charged. The rented property is the responsibility of the person under whose name it is rented.


The petrol tanks are filled with E5 petrol. Absolutely no E10 petrol is allowed. If E10 is filled, the full deposit will be retained!


  1. Departure and return

You will receive the rented clean. The landlord checks the rented property upon return. You are expected to deliver the rented property clean/tidy. If this is not the case, €30 cleaning costs will be deducted from the deposit refund. In case of serious pollution, the total cleaning costs will be charged to the tenant.

Extra points camping boat:

  • The chemical toilet should be emptied at the toilet block in the harbour. There is a drop-off point for this.

The kitchen box must be handed over clean

  1. Late return

In case of a late return, parts of the hours will be rounded up to half hours and charged as rent. The costs for every hour of late return is €50,-


  1. Exclusions

The hirer is prohibited from participating in competitions, towing other vessels, sailing above wind force 6, during thunderstorms or sailing during the night.

Due to bad weather conditions and/or excessive use of alcohol and/or narcotics, the landlord may not allow the tenant to sail, or order to return to the port without delay or to sail immediately to a mooring place indicated by him or to take shelter areas in connection with the weather. Of course, all this never takes away from the tenant’s own responsibility. Also on the water, there is a blood alcohol level of 0.5 the maximum to steer a vessel.


Pets on board are not allowed.


  1. Sailing area

The vessel may be used on the Lauwersmeer, canals, deeps and waterways around Zoutkamp. The Wadden Sea is strictly prohibited.

Please note that the boats are equipped with GPS.


  1. Liability of the landlord

The lessor cannot be held liable for physical injury, death or damage of any kind, regardless of the cause, prior to, during or as a result of the voyage. The tenant uses the rented property entirely at his own risk. An exception to this is the legal obligation to pay compensation due to demonstrable intent or gross negligence on the part of and by the lessor.


  1. Responsibility of the tenant

During the rental period, the tenant is responsible for the general order and safety of himself and third parties. The tenant will adhere to the instructions of the landlord. Children are the responsibility of the parents or their supervisors. The tenant is deemed to be aware of the inland navigation police regulations and is responsible for applying the applicable navigation regulations.

  • The tenant must keep to the right side of the fairway as much as possible.
  • The tenant must adhere to road signs and traffic lights near bridges.
  • The tenant must at all times take good account of fellow users on the water, especially at bridges, crossings and narrow areas. This also means not taking corners too wide.
  • It is prohibited to moor under bridges at the corners of waterways and on houseboats.
  • Tour boats, sailing boats without motor, cargo ships, commercial shipping have right of way at all times. (at a lock fence professional shipping takes precedence and large precedes small)
  • The lessor explicitly points out the danger of limbs trapping between the vessels and other objects and/or boats.
  • Parents are responsible at all times and must supervise minor children. Renting is entirely at your own risk.
  • The landlord always advises wearing flotation devices or life jackets for those who cannot swim. You can borrow these from Bootverhuur Zoutkamp.
  • The maximum number of persons on board per boat may not be exceeded.

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Account number an name for the refund of the deposit