Route Lauwersmeer,


  1. Mooring jetty/swimming
  2. Mooring jetty/swimming
  3. Mooring, picnic area swimming spot. Usually nice and sheltered.
  4. Playground picnic area, restaurant, Esonstad/Oostmahorn.
  5. Museum harbour Booze Wijf. Playground, beach and restaurant.
  6. Mooring, picnic area swimming spot. Usually nice and sheltered.
  7. Small nature harbour with a giant observation tower within walking distance.
  8. Zoutkamp has several restaurants to end your day culinary.


The Zoutkamperril takes you to the Lauwersmeer lake with little islands where you can moor or anchor the boat for a swim. But perhaps you want to enjoy nature more, which is well represented there.

Many birds live and breed on the Lauwersmeer lake. The most famous bird is the White-tailed eagle, but the Spoonbill is also a beautiful bird to spot. The flocks of Starlings with their spectacular formations are a beautiful sight.

The Lauwersmeer lake borders the Wadden Sea, where the exposed seabed is a major food source. The present Lauwersmeer lake used to be the Lauwers sea, and you can still see that. Because even if you walk deep into the woods, you will still find beach clams and cockles on the ground.

The Sea had to make way for land to protect the local residents from a flood disaster as in Zeeland in 1953. Also, the enclosing in 1969 caused many people grief, especially those who lived off the sea.

The enclosing of the Lauwers sea has created a unique nature reserve, through which you can sail with our boats.

U  may see the Konik horses or the Highlanders grazing along the water’s edge. You might spot the famous White-tailed eagle or a beautiful Spoonbill.

Behind the locks at Lauwersoog you will find our beautiful world heritage site, the Wadden Sea. For a visit to the Wadden Sea, you can sail with the ZK 9. This is not possible with our sloops.

Enjoy your day on the water