Kromme Raken Route

  1. Ulrum, 
  2. Houwerzijl, De Theefabriek, for a delicious high tea. Here is also a rest stop “sarrieshut” for drinks and something tasty.
  3. Het Stort, Splitting of 3 waterways
  4. Adventure park Waddenfun, with a restaurant at a height.
  5. Borg Verhildersum, for a visit to the estate, the museum farm or restaurant Het Schathoes for a cup of coffee or lunch.
  6. Wehe- den Hoorn, Restaurant de Hoornstertil.
  7. Eenrum, here is a eatery “the Pool” for a drink, food and delicious ice cream. Candle factory Wilhelmus, great fun for the children. But also the Notoarestoen, an Arboretum. Also located here is a corn mill “the Lily”, which is open every Saturday from 13.00-17.00.
  8. The Abel Stok grove (mooring at the pumping station), for a nice walk or picnic in a wild old orchard. It is a forest full of mysteries, sagas
  9. Maarhuizen, is an ancient mound. In the restored farmhouse “Op Maarhuizen” you can have a drink and eat.
  10. Winsum, voted by the ANWB as the most beautiful village of the Netherlands in 2020. With a waterfront terrace at restaurant “De jongens uit de buurt”
  11. Schouwerzijl picnic area.
  12. Roode Haan, With a waterfront terrace at restaurant “Overdaips”
  13. The Boezemgemaal Elektra. There are possibilities for a picnic. There is a restaurant and a swimming pool.
  14. Kommerzijlsterriet, Picnic area.
  15. Zoutkamp, your start and end destination with numerous restaurants to end your day on the water.