The Lauwers route

The Lauwers is the old border between the Groningen and Friesland provinces.

When you leave Jachthaven Hunzegat, cross the Zoutkamperril. You will then arrive at the Frisian lock. Watch out for the fish traps before and after the lock. Never sail between the channel marker and the shore; that’s where the nets/traps are. The channel marker is always indicated with a ribbon or something similar. Keep to the centre of the waterway.

You can ask for service at the lock by pressing the water sports button on the right-hand side of the waterway. If the light is green, you may enter the lock. You will rise or descend a few centimetres. This depends on the water level of the Lauwersmeer.

When you exit the lock, you enter the Lauwers. It is actually a step back in time. You will sail between the reeds and the farmlands of Groningen and Friesland. You will pass through small villages, such as Munnekezijl and Pieterzijl, founded by the Gerkesklooster monks. Pieterzijl was built around 1440, and Munnekezijl in 1476. After the construction of these two locks, which regulated the water drainage, the Ruigewaard could be reclaimed. Back then, these were still salt marshes.

  1. Near Lauwerzijl is B&B “De Uitrust”, a registered rest stop. Here you can moor for a drink or visit the toilet. There is a map with prices for consumptions consumed ( Stadsweg 64 9885 PC Lauwerzijl). At a rest point, you can usually pay in cash or with a QR code.
  2. Munnekezijl, You can moor for a picnic after the bridge at Munnekezijl.
  3. You pass Pieterzijl under a small bridge. For this, the Whaly’s Hood must be down.
  4. Burum, Here is a small harbour with a toilet and picnic facilities . You can visit “Windlust” a windmill that was rebuilt in 2014.

The mill can be visited on Saturdays between 9.30 AM and 12:30 PM, and they also sell flour then.

You sail back the same way to return to the Lauwers. Turning left is the old Lauwers this is not accessible to our boats.

  1. Visvliet is a village in Groningen where the Visvlieterdiep and the Lauwers rivers meander/flow along on either side. As you pass Visvliet, there is an opportunity to moor at the Heirweg bridge on the right. For lunch or coffee at the Huiskamer van Visvliet

tel: +31 6 10933194 (reservations are required)

  1. On the forward side of Gerkesklooster there is a beautiful tea garden “Aan de Lauwers” near a farm (Oosterboeren 10, 9873 TG Gerkesklooster). Here are 2 small jetties on the right side of the waterway where the boat can be carefully moored. For lunch, reservation are recommended, Maaike Veenstra +31 6 48 13 67 45.

For the full route via Kollum, Lauwersmeer to Zoutkamp, see the Hiswa route book.